Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Remember I Love You

When it all goes crazy and the thrill is gone
When the days get rainy and the nights get long
When you get that feelin you were born to lose
Starin' at your ceiling feelin' the blues

When there's so much trouble that you want to cry
When your love has crumbled and you don't know why
When your hopes are fading and they can't be found
Dreams have left you waiting friends let you down

Well just remember I love you
And it'll be all right
Just Remember i Love you
All that I can say just remember I love you
Maybe all your blues will fade away

When you need a lover and you're down to so low
And you start to wonder but you never know
When it seems like sorrow is your only friend
Knowing that tomorrow you'll feel this way again

When the blues come cryin' at the break of dawn
When the rain keeps fallin' but the rainbow's gone
When you feel like cryin' but the tears wont come
Then your dreams are dyin' when you're on the run

Just remember I love you
And it'll be all right
Just remember I love you
All that I can say just remember I love you
Maybe all your blues will wash away

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My lovely apartment

At one time we did have a couch, but a previous roommate came and took it.

This is where I spend most of my time at night, eating and doing homework

My Room

Welcome to my room

Another angle of my room

My bed closet and Chair

This is where I spend my nights

Sunday, March 1, 2009


During the last week I was in conversation with a couple of different friends about personal frustrations.  Sometimes it seems that we dont ever progress.   We are stuck in this hole with no way out.  You analyze your situation and you try to figure out what is going wrong - but you dont make any discoveries.  The frustration continues and you wonder when it will ever end? After talking about this with these friends, and much personal reflection I was reading my scriptures on my way to school and came across this scripture. 

"For a small moment have I forsaken thee, but with great 
mercies will I gather thee.  In a little wrath I hid my face
from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness
will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer."

As I read that scripture I was greatly touched.  Though at this moment I could quite possibly be in this "small moment of forsakenness", I felt the peace that soon this moment will be complete.  Even though at this time in my life I feel weary and alone, someone, Jesus, is watching out for me, and in his time I will be gathered in again.

At the top of my scriptures is written this passage:

Sometimes we feel forsaken by God, but it's the final test
for us to stand on our feet in loyalty to our God.

I do not remember writing this in my scriptures.  I do not know if it is something that I thought at one time, or if it is a quote from someone else.  But in its simpleness it is quite profound. I was reminded that life is a process that is taken day by day.  We move along this pathway of life from level to level.  Maybe I am at a point in my life where I am ready to move to the next level, and this is the trial and tribulation that I must pass through to prove myself worthy for greater things?  Maybe it's just a simple trial of my faith for God to see where I will place it?  In man and myself, or in Him?  

Whatever it is, I have found comfort in this scripture.  I am where I should be, doing the things that I am supposed to be doing.  Even though I am in the midst of some trial that I am struggling to understand, there is a wonderful truth that I have been reminded of. 

"Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have
overcome the world, and you are of them that my
Father hath given me;  And none of them that my
Father hath given me shall be lost.  And the Father
and I are one.  I am in the Father and the Father in
me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in me
and I in you.  Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am
the good shepherd and the stone of Israel.  He that 
buildeth upon this rock shall never fall.  And the day
cometh that you shall hear my voice and see me, and know 
that I am.  Watch, therefore, that ye may be ready.  Even so.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bleeding Me

This video was done for an assignment about taking a song and telling the story of the lyrics through pictures. This song was written after the artist completed rehab or alcoholism and his experience and struggle with that and the rehabilitation process.

Hanging out in Union Square
China Town
More China Town
Alcatraz, Trolley Car, Steep Hill, Bay - pretty much sums up San Fran
Taken From Coit Tower

The Curviest Street in the World

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge From the Presidio

Check out those small white-ish specks on the right, that is where my apt is at!

Dad and Alex hanging out

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Housing San Francisco nightmare.  Who would have ever dreamed that it would have been so hard to find a place to live.  I mean, it is San Francisco!! The city is huge right?  That means it should be easy right?  WRONG!  Far from it.  San Francisco is like no other place I have been before.  There are very few apartment complexes here.  The ones that are hear-way out of my price range.  It is all town homes and things like that.  Still you would think that I shouldn't have that hard of a problem finding a place - wrong again.  Being an active LDS guy with moral standards makes it even more difficult to find a place.  First, I am not gay, and dont want to live in a place with other gay guys.  Its just not compatible for me and my beliefs.  So that really shortens my options for housing here.  Second, I dont want to live with people who are doing drugs.  Been there done that before and dont want to do that again.  That really really narrows my options.  Seriously, 75% of the places I found online said "420 friendly".  Once again, I know that I am not in Utah anymore, but seriously, come on!  So with those two constraints upon me, I have a narrow margin of finding a place.  Than, once again with being LDS, living with girls is frowned upon.  So now that almost makes finding a place impossible.  I quickly gave up on that stipulation upon arriving here in the city.  I was gonna take any clean place I could get into no matter if it was girls or guys living there.  Than you still have to find a place that fits your budget. 
So, you think once you find a place you can just go sign on and thats it.  Oh, no, you must be dreaming.  Once you do find a place that fits all your stipulations, you have to go to the open house, where there can be as many as 50 people all trying for that same exact spot.  So, you go to the open house, you do all the mingling and talking and brown nosing you can think of.  If you are lucky you get narrowed down to the 3 or so finalists!! YAY!  Than you have to go in for round 2 of one-on-one interviews with the roommates.  This is where they find out more about you, and if you are suitable for the place.  Than if you are lucky enough and survive the cuts, you are offered the room.  
In all of my searching, I made it to the final two people  - TWICE.  Only to fall short of that final victory crown, and be informed that they chose the other person.  What a let-down that is.  Back to square one all over again.  Yeah it is depressing.  And I haven't even begun to describe the rooms that we are all fighting for - thats cause that would only depress you more.  Anyways, after all of this, I have finally found a place to live.  It is with 2 other LDS guys in the Presidio.  Far away from my school and work, but at least with people with the same basic beliefs and morals as me.   

Language in the real world

Ok, so here is the get up.  I have now been in San Francisco for two full weeks (and one day if we are going to be completely official).  Now we all know, that I have been known to drop a few cuss words here and there in my time.  So we know that I am far from being self righteous in what I am going to say next.  In fact, I think that this gives my views a bit more clout.  I have been thoroughly shocked in the type of language that is used in professional circumstances here in SF.  I cannot believe how foul and degrading everyones casual language has become.  I mean ill be honest, I didn't expect it to be like utah and all, and I did spend a summer in NYC at an advertising agency, but even through all that, I am still shocked.  I cannot believe how crude and vulgar people are in professional situations.  It is like they just came out of the gutter.  It is really disgusting and degrading.  Not only peoples language, but their entire thoughts and ideas.  I mean, I am supposedly at a top level creative school, and the best ideas that my fellow students come up with are morally degrading filth.  It makes me sad.  Like I said, I am not opposed to a cuss word hear and there in anger or frustration, but I did expect better in public professional situations.  This all came about for me because yesterday I went to church and hung out all day with people from church.  I did not hear a single F-word, or even any swear word until I got on the bus to go home that night.  It was than that I realized how nice and uplifting it was to go all day without having to hear that.  I cannot stop thinking about that.  It really made such a difference in my day.  I am vowing to do even better with my language.  And to all of you who have heard me when I have not been at my best, I apologize for subjecting you to that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Metallica 2008

I have always wanted to go to a Metallica concert.  They have been my favorite band since I was about 12 years old.  Finally, I got my chance.  What made this even better, was that I went to the concert with my three younger brothers.  That was pretty much awesome.  This was definitely the best concert that I have ever been to.  Rock on!

Saturday, January 10, 2009